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Kahoodol (ka-who-dol)

Noun: A philosophy to promote irregular, unusual or “Out of the Box” ideas to simplify or open up new ways.

Verb: Acting with or operating in small groups to instigate surprise or positive, unexpected outcomes. 

Kahoodol is the philosophy that underlies this website and the associated consulting activities deliver a high quality, simplified life. In the Kahoodol story we set out the philosophy in more detail. This section provides link to blog posts about declustering, simplicity, quality over quantity, an understanding of your own motivations, flow, joy and happiness.   It also introduces why my Leatherwork and Barbeque projects are “Kahoodol” and how you can find your own Kahoodol projects. 


Kahoodol Leather

The creation of surprise or positive, unexpected happiness through the artisan design and creation of special, unique, bespoke, handmade leather bags and accessories. Made in Bristol, England especially for you! 

Kahoodol Leather is one of my Kahoodol off shoot projects designed for me to enact parts of my Kahoodol philosophy.  Kahoodol should encompass creativity. Building new realities from raw materials, creating unexpected outcomes and repurposing and reusing.  I use this as my creative outlet. Started in February 2016 follow my creating journey from novice to experienced leather designer and craftsman. I have also been know to sell a bag come and take a look at the gallery and consider your own bespoke creation. 

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