KAHOODOL (ka-who-dol)

Noun: A philosophy to promote irregular, usually or “Out of the Box” ideas to simplify or open up new ways.

Verb: Acting with or operating in small groups to instigate surprise or positive, unexpected outcomes

David is Kahoodol and Kahoodol is David, 

I have spent a great deal of time putting down on paper my thoughts as a cathartic process of understanding my life. In about 2002 soon after my divorce I made a conscious effort to try to understand how and why I feel like I feel. Fourteen years on I am lucky enough to have found a way to understand myself and what drives / motivates me to think and act as I do. What remained difficult, up until recently, was finding the way to express my understanding to the outside world and the words, particularly in conversations, to make my thoughts real. Recently I have used a personal blog and website as a conduit between my head and the outside world. 

About 10 years ago I decided that I wanted a website and personal email address and as part of the process Joshua (my son, then 14) and I made up a word “Kahoodol”. I can not remember where it came from; just that we liked it and www.kahoodol.co.uk was born. I am by nature an introvert. I have always struggled in group situations unless I have been able to prepare well in advance. My introverted nature manifests itself in a number of unusual ways but primarily it has led me to a longstanding dream of a “Simpler” life one in which my introverted nature does not feel like such a burden. As part of trying to understand exactly what I mean by this I wrote a definition of the word “Kahoodol” which is above.

Kahoodol should be:

• to simplify; minimise waist either of space or resources.

• natural, recycled, reused, imaginative and quality

• to provide a sense of freedom, beauty and flexibility.

• tidy, classic and organised, “having the right stuff in the right place at the right time”.

 Kahoodol should not be:

• run down, uncomfortable, unused

• I think that this in it self sets out exactly how I would like to live my life.

In addition, and I think in a moment of inspiration, I have been able to put a number of my thoughts into context behind the word “Legacy”. I appear to be worried that my current life path will not leave a legacy for the future. This is not a financial legacy. I mean a legacy which answers the question “What will I be remembered for?” A few days ago I wrote:  

“What I am striving for is some sort of recognition that David is his own man, has his own thoughts, make his own choices rather than the alternative view which might be that David has let life’s “Normalities” or “Expectations” make his life decisions for him.”

I concluded that piece with the following comments:

“When I was young I wanted to stand out, be seen as different from the “Norm”. Then the “Norm” takes over and now I clearly want to try to stand out again but do I really only want the visual illusion of a life change to make me stand out or do I want to make the actual life changes necessary to do it for real”.

So today! I have an excellent understanding of myself, of the level of simplicity / Kahoodol that I aspire to and an understanding of why this aspiration is strong at the moment.

“Life is not a dress rehearsal. This is the main event. The magic of thinking big can change your life, but only if you back it with actions!”

Kahoodol Projects.

Project 1: Simple Living and the Yurt.

I have a recurring theme about Kahoodol and the world ahead and it relates to living in a simpler manner. Simpler in this context I think is a bit of a misnomer because I expect a simpler life to be more difficult in a lot of ways. Life strikes me as being too easy and too complicated at the same time. Gadget after gadget designed to make life easier (until they stop working), to free one up to experience the world without the trials of activities which get in the way. In a lot of ways though this seems to cause more problems that it is worth. What do people do with this free time they seem to worry endlessly that they are not using it productively, they are not making the most of it, they do not have enough money to enjoy it so they spend there free time either working to make more money or worrying about there lake of money. Don’t get me started on FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out). Individuals sitting at home are watching the fake / overly positive lives of everyone else flashing past on their screens and not actually doing anything themselves. When they do go out they spend all day looking at the world through their screens. Taking hundreds of photos which they will never look at again. STOP!!!!! Where is the sense of achievement?????  

So I have designed my perfect small house which requires a bit of effort, the wood burning stove requires some effort to light and keep going! The space is small so that it is impossible to have anything that is not necessary! Click here to see more pictures of my plans (Google photos)  

Satisfaction and wellbeing delivered through an ongoing sense of achievement. I did that! I cooked that, reused or re-purposed that, I designed that, I imagined that, I worked for that?

 The Yurt: Yes I know that is easier said than done so a practical step towards this ideal I have decided that our next house will be smaller and in the garden I am going to erect a yurt (am alternative man cave) and I am going to convert this into my workshop come sleepover haven with wood burner, BBQ and fire pit (see projects 2 and 3) yes it all does make sense really (in my head at least).

Project 2: Kahoodol Leather. 

I have also challenged myself to learn new skills. I am an accountant and Auditor by trade and I recently read an article which set out the jobs most likely to be taken by an intelligent Artificial Intelligence Computer (AI) in the next 10 years and in the top 10 jobs is Accountant and Auditor (Great). At the very bottom of the list are all of the jobs which need imagination. Experts don’t know how to give AI imagination. So I have embarked on learning everything I can on Leather work most specifically Bag Making! The early stages (two weekend courses and a book or two later) seem very promising and the sense of achievement! WOW! A bit like cooking take some raw materials, leather and thread, some tools and your imagination and anything is possible. Picture This: An older me sat outside a perfectly constructed camper-van with my wife at my side with the BBQ running to my left and my leather work taking shape to my right. What a sense of achievement I could have.