Kahoodol Leather.

Hand Made Rucksack

“Kahoodol”: to instigate surprise or positive, unexpected outcomes. Kahoodol Leather: the creation of surprise or positive, unexpected happiness through the artisan design and creation of special, unique, bespoke, hand made leather bags and accessories. Made in Bristol, England especially for you!  

Kahoodol means every bag has to be different! Kahoodol means materials and leather stocks change with time! Kahoodol means a very close, friendly relationship with all customers! Kahoodol means irregular, usually or “Out of the Box” ideas to open up new ways! 

Based on this holistic design concept I would love to make something for you or someone that you hold dear.

This site is designed to show you an idea of what is available and what I have already made, what you can expect! and first and foremost giving you a chance to build your imagination; the true Kahoodol spirit. 

Please contact me  if you want to discuss your requirements, something different from what you have seen here and we can move on from there.  

What does hand made me at Leather@kahoodol.co.uk

Hand made really means made totally by hand. The original pattern design draw by hand, the pattern pieces drawn onto the pattern card by hand. The pattern cut out by hand. The leather is cut our from the pattern by hand and then every stitch is marked and sown using two needle saddle stitching techniques by hand. Not a machine in site. Hand made means made by hand, means unique and means not perfect but perfect for you.

Hand Made Duffle bag

Some bespoke bags created so far.