The barrel bag with orange trim in the garden

The first of the barrel bag collection for SS19

The Barrel bag: The first of the barrel bag collection for SS19. See more details on the About and the Kahoodol bespoke pages #springsummer19 #kahoodolleather #kahoodol #handmadebag #handmade #handcrafted #handmadeleather #bristol #leather

The Parachute bag image

The Parachute Bag

A new commission bag based on the fantastic Parachute bag from Debruir Ireland. I love the original bag and my interpretation. @debruir #springsummer19 #kahoodolleather #kahoodol #handmadebag #handmade #handcrafted #handmadeleather #bristol #leather See the About page for a video and more details on Kahoodol Bespoke page.

Wordpress logo

New WordPress Website

The new website is live from 1st May 2018. Over the next few days I am going to transfer over to this site a lot of old content that has been posted onto my old website and other blogging services. The idea is to bring it all to one place so that it can […]

Kahoodol Leather is born

Having played with the name of the leather project for a while I went for the obvious option and called it Kahoodol. Given that Kahoodol is my longstanding project name. Kahoodol Leather seemed eminently appropriate as the leather work fits beautifully into the Kahoodol culture. That said what about a logo? I had visited Greenwich, […]