clear your mental fog

Clear your mental fog and improve clear thinking.

Mental fog is often described as a “cloudy-headed” feeling. Common conditions of brain fog include poor memory, difficulty focusing or concentrating, and struggling with articulation. Imagine if you could concentrate your brain power into one bright beam and focus it like a laser on whatever you wish to accomplish. Many people struggle to concentrate. And […]

Listen more than you speak

Listen more than you talk

For most people speaking and listening in a balanced are one key way to interpret our world.  Unfortunately if we do not think about the amount that we speak and listen then it makes it really difficult to actually understand each other. Ironically, the more we talk, the less we’re able to communicate. Think Before […]


Thoughts on having a fulfilled life.

Why don’t I feel fulfilled in my life at the moment? I appear to have got stuck in a circle of negative thought patterns and expecting the worst possible outcome in many life situations? I know that I am limiting my life success at this time simply because I find myself holding onto a negative […]

Deep Thinkers Break Free

Happiness and Deep Thinking

Following on from a recent post “Could lower Expectations Result in a Happier Life?” I have been reading and thinking more about Happiness and Intelligence.  I recently came across an interesting article on the tendency of unhappiness in intelligence people. The author (a sociologist) claims that unhappiness develops in childhood, primarily because of Western cultures lack […]